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1. The AR application says it is unable to use this effect

This likely means your version of Snapchat, Instagram, or other AR application is out of date. Visit your app store and update your version of the AR application. Once updated, rescan the QR code to initiate the effect.

2. My content won't stay where I put it.  It keeps floating around.

This can be a challenge, especially for AR effects on Instagram. Please insure you have the latest version of the AR platform (i.e. Instagram, Snapchat, Hoverlay as applicable) installed on your phone and that your phone has the latest operating system (iOS or Android) installed. 


In order to properly anchor your content and prevent floating (a.k.a. drift), your phone’s camera needs to be able to (1) recognize the ground or a horizontal surface the AR content will be located on; (2) receive a deliberate tap or other placement signal; and (3) visually track where your camera is relative to your surroundings and placed content.  AR uses a combination of your phone's native computer vision technology and the AR platform's recognition and tracking software to do this. Therefore your specific AR experience can vary depending on the phone and/or AR platform being used.

There are usually three reasons your content may not be staying put.


  1. If the effect is a tap-to-place effect, you may not have tapped your screen deliberately enough. Try tapping your screen a bit harder and/or longer (like you mean it!)

  2. Your phone’s camera did not recognize the ground/horizontal surface before the tap or other placement signal was received. Be sure to point your camera towards the ground or horizontal surface where you want to place your content before tapping your screen. Give your camera time to “see” the ground. Try waving your camera slowly over the ground or horizontal surface a bit where you want to place your content. 

  3. The ground or horizontal surface you selected is too reflective, uniform, or the lighting level is too low. Try selecting a different patch of ground or horizontal surface that has lower reflectivity, higher contrast, and/or more lighting. Having a person stand in the view of your camera prior to placing your content may also help as that may create a higher contrast background for your camera to visually track.


3. I can't get the AR to work on my phone

Most, but not all, phones manufactured in the last 4 years or so are AR compatible. Confirm your phone is AR compatible by checking this list


4. My phone is listed as AR compatible but AR still won’t work on my phone

While most new phones come with the software needed to operate AR preloaded, occasionally they do not or the install gets missed at the factory. Try downloading and using another AR app such as PokemonGO. If you are not able to download or use PokemonGO, your phone is probably missing the necessary software. Confirm you have the latest operating system on your phone and/or visit your app store or phone manufacturer's website to download the AR software needed for your phone type. 


5. How do I download Snapchat to my phone?

You can download Snapchat from the Google Play Store here

You can download Snapchat from the Apple App Store here.


6. How do I download Instagram to my phone?

You can download Snapchat from the Google Play Store here

You can download Snapchat from the Apple App Store here.

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