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SF Gold!
Landmark Activation
Gold, Gold, Gold!  This life-size, recreation of one of San Francisco's most beloved and historic illustrations introduces Union Square visitors to what life was like in the early days of the Gold Rush: when ships were pulled up onto land and transformed into hotels, restaurants, jails, and brothels.  Built around the monument at the center of the Square, visitors simply point their phone at the statue to launch the experience.  They can then walk around in real space to listen, learn, and explore the early stores, print shops, and saloons that populated the waterfront - inside and out. 

Commissioned by SnapAR's Artist In Residence program, this lens is an excellent example of how AR can be used to make history more accessible, fun, and exciting. The lens is available to curious tourists of all ages on Snapchat using Snap's best-in-class AR technology. 
Snap AR  in cooperation with Union Square Alliance and SF Parks

Social AR
Visual Positioning System (VPS)

Experience concepting and design
3D Art & Animation
AR Development
WHITE_Iphone_rounded edges-SHADOW.png
WHITE_Iphone_rounded edges-SHADOW.png
SF Gold - landscape-AI REGEN.png
Life size AR interpretation of original illustration
SF Gold Rush historic Illustration.jpg
Original 1850 illustration
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