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Infuse some joy into your

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like XRmas! 
Augmented Reality Holiday Activations

Bring your holiday activations into the digital age with fun, destination-worthy AR holiday decorations, experiences, and scavenger hunts.

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What is AR?

What is AR? 

AR is a proven Placemaking technique that enhances visitor play, interactivity, and whimsy.

Through the magic of AR, we insert digital objects into people's real-world surroundings that they can view and interact with using their own mobile phones. 

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Why AR?

Why AR

Spice up your holiday. AR adds fun, play and whimsy that is:

  • Enjoyed equally by men and women.

  • Exciting for kids from 3 to 83.

  • Shared with friends and family in the real world

  • Budget-friendly with many affordable price points

  • Extends user engagement 200%

  • Is 3X's more memorable

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How does

it work?

How does it work?  

  1. Choose from our catalog of packaged, easy-to-install, AR holiday decorations. (Made to order also available).

  2. Install signage. (Signless options also available)

  3. View from throughout the holidays using popular AR apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Hoverlay.

  4. Promote your AR activation via social media. (Don't worry we will show you how).

How does

it work?


What's included?

What's included?

 Each package includes: 

  • One interactive, AR holiday decoration suitable of indoor/outdoor use.

  • Print-ready signs to activate your content. (Sign-less options also available).

  • Customization and branding options available.

  • Technical and promotional support.

  • User engagment report

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