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From the Ground Up
Museum Exhibit
MOHAI (Musuem of History and Industry)
Created for the Museum of History and Industry's (MOHAI) From the Ground Up: Black Architectes and Designers exhibit, this animated augmented reality version of the University of Washington's Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center brought an interactive, 3D element to the otherwise 2D exhibit.  Placed strategically in the lobby of the museum, it served as an introduction and enticement to visit the museum's temporary exhibit gallery located on the second floor where the exhibit was house.  

Designed by Ben McAdoo, AIA, Washington State's first registered architect, and re-designed by Sam Cameron, AIA, Novaby worked with Rolluda Architects to obtain the building's CAD file to use as a 3D starting point.  The model was depricated to make it suitable for AR and broken into parts to facilitate animation. The animations were selected to make the experience more interactive and engaging for users.

Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)

Social AR

Experience concepting and design
3D Art & Animation
AR Development
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