an AR experiment
at 3rd & Pine, Seattle, WA 
How do we get the grammar of 
Seattle's past, present and future right?
Be surprised and delighted, informed and inspired, while exploring answers to this question through this location-specific, experimental art and augmented reality installation that debuted at the 2019 Seattle Design Festival.  
Join the conversation about balancing Seattle's past, present and future.  Tell us what you think on one of Seattle's most historic, but often overlooked, blocks:  3rd and 2nd Ave btw Pike and Pine.
Winter Garden Theater
Historic AR (re)Creations
3rd Ave, Seattle
What people
are saying!
"A great concept to showcase the history of a place"
"I like how the app gives different methods to learn about the history and using it while walking around makes that history come alive."
"I didn't realize this is an actual neighborhood!"
Got story
We're all ears!  We're expanding our stories and experiences.  If you have a neighborhood story you want to tell, a public conversation you want to start, or a point you'd like to make - we'd love to to hear from you -- no matter where you call home!
Past Present Future debuted at the 2019 Seattle Design Festival
What Seattle
Design Festival
goers said!
"This was the most experimental event at the Seattle Design Festival in a long time." 
Festival veteran
"You can feel the positive energy on the block"
Local resident & biz owner
"I think you did something really good here, something special.  Congratulations!"
Seattle area resident & software engineer
What you'll need
  • an AR capable mobile iOS or Android phone with data service (iPhone8 or above recommended)
  • earphones 
  • preferably a fully charged battery (AR eats up lots of battery)
  • comfortable shoes 
  • outdoor,weather-appropriate clothing
  • a sense of curiosity and serendipity
  • (recommended) download the app in advance
The Fine Print

Past Present Future debuted at the 2019 Seattle Design Festival.  In keeping with the ethos of the festival, we were and are testing out new ideas as well as pushing design and technological boundaries with the experience. We have prepared what is referred to as an MVP app (a minimum viable product app). We appreciate your understanding with the inevitable bugs and glitches that come with experience design and app development.  We look forward to your kind feedback and comments on both the content and app interface that will help us improve the app as well as our theory of change moving forward.

The app was designed for the iPhone8 and above and comparable Android models.  Other phones may experience download or operational problems.  Future updates will expand the devices the app is available on.   

The Team
Thanks to the many hearts, minds and hands that not only made our Seattle Design Festival journey possible...but also made it fun.  Here's to new friends and colleagues!
Past Present Future is a community benefit initiative 
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