Your A-team = Novaby studio artists + our extensive global network
Novaby team at Tech in the Tenderlon's  2019 TNT Youth Tech Festival with Bubiko in augmented reality.  Made by our team for 
Stephen Black of Book Merah.
Novaby is a rapidly growing team of dedicated digital artists that love what we do and thrive on making our customers happy. 
Our artists, designers, managers and tech experts hail from the top art and engineering schools in the US, China, India, Europe and around the world.  We take pride in working closely with our clients to realize their artistic and creative vision and providing the project management and technical expertise they need to get the job done.
Our team is also supported by an extensive global network of specialized artists, creatives and tech talent.  So, no worries, if we don't have the talent you need in-house to get the job done, we've still got you covered! 
Leadership Team
Cofounder, CEO