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How We Work


Novaby artists are your A-team with the A-game.  We maintain a full cadre of digital 3D and 2D artists so you don't have to.  We work closely with you to learn, establish and cultivate your aesthetic and bring your idea to life.  


Digital art requires talent, technology and skill.  A single asset can require a team of artists with multiple software proficiencies and keen judgement about the best application for content or workflow.  

Novaby artists are all professionally trained at the top art schools around the world.  They are proficient in the latest softwares, techniques and technologies.  

Digital Magic

Our experienced project managers and technical experts love making your life easier.  We are experts in design and production.  We manage the artists and your project so that your content is reliably delivered on time, on budget and at the consistent high-quality you need and expect.

Smarty Pants
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